Golf Tips – Common Rules You Should Know 0

Golf has a long and venerable history, and a great body of rules has grown up around the game. As a golfer, you can understand why. What do you do when your ball goes in the water, when you hit out of bounds or when you play another player’s

Five Tips to Lower Your Golf Score 0

Golf can be a complicated game, but the good news is that sometimes a small change can make a big difference. Developing a preshot routine before you address the ball can help your consistency, and getting rid of those long irons in favor of a hybrid can increase your

Golf – The All Important Takeaway 0

The takeaway is the first part of the backswing in golf. A good takeaway and backswing will allow you to coil your body so that you can unleash the power you need to achieve the distance you want in your golf shots. The key is to aim for consistency

Clubs for Beginning Women Golfers 0

Learning to play golf can be intimidating for anyone, and for women it can be particularly difficult to get up the nerve on that first tee and hit the ball. The best thing to do for women learning the game is to take lessons to learn the basics, practice

Add More Distance to Your Driver by Decreasing Swing Speed 0

The first thing anyone asks when playing golf is How far can you hit?  In today’s world of golf it seems like power and distance prevails over accuracy. You see long ball hitting contests on TV and announcers only talk about how far Tiger Woods can hit the ball.

Choosing the Right Driver for You 0

When playing golf it is important to have clubs that fit you. No two people are a like and no two people have the same swing. When choosing the proper driver for your game, there a few things to consider: Club Head Size There are generally three sizes when

Add More Distance to Your Driver by Rotating Your Hips More 0

A common misconception in golf is that power comes from the hands or swing speed. This could not be firth from the truth. The following Easy Golf Tip will help you improve your distance with the driver by rotating your body. Torque is defined as a turning or twisted

The Right Golf Equipment 0

A very important aspect of the game of golf is having the right golf equipment. At first, you may find it somewhat challenging finding the right golf equipment that best suits your style of playing and your game. There are times when you will just be unaware of the

Golf Slice – Not All Slices are the Same 0

Golfers know that even a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at the office, but having a good day on the golf course is best of all. For those who tend to slice the ball to the right, a good day is hitting

What’s in the Golf Bag? 0

When you go shopping for a golf bag, you will notice that there are many compartments, pockets and add-on opportunities for all kinds of golf paraphernalia. Just look around any golf store and you will get an idea of all the items golfers bring with them out on the