Every golfer gets frustrated on the course at some time, even Tiger Woods. Nothing is more irritating than hitting a ball fat and coming up short on a bulk headed green. Or what about slicing a ball so far right that your ball ends up in someone’s yard, or on a roof top? What is frustrating is the fact that you know you can make the shot if you just had a free mulligan

I have been there, and by using the tips from Discgolfdir.com I can assure you that your handicap will drop significantly. Discgolfdir.com provides the average golfer with professional tips on how to improve everything from your driving accuracy to your putting skills.

My goal is to help every individual, from the scratch golfer to the novice golfer just picking up a set of clubs for the first time. It is important to stick with the tips no matter how frustrated you get. Golf is a sport that needs a lot of practice and patience. It takes several weeks to see the results of the tips you use to fix your game.